Gray Dog’s Farm

We are a Meat CSA near Northampton, MA, offering chicken, pork, beef, goat, and lamb, and eggs.  We raise our animals on eighty acres of rocky, steep, mostly wooded New England ground.  We are working to bring some of the areas which were pasture 150 years ago back into grass, which is a slow process helped by pigs and goats.

We never feed hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics, and our goal is to reach a point where we don’t need medications at all.  Our first response to health issues is through management — we minimize worms by rotation of pastures, we make sure ruminants are eating grass, and we give all our animals room to move freely about and engage in their natural behaviors.  Our pigs play tag; our chickens scratch; our cattle come thundering to each days’ new grass.  If an animal is ill, we medicate rather than allow them to suffer, but  we will tell you the health history of any meat we are selling.

We rotate our animals through pasture and woodland to keep them clean and delighted with their new buffet of plants and insects.  This year, we are building enough grain storage to effectively use an almost-local grain producer out of New York State.  He grows and mills his own corn, soy, wheat, barley, and oats, and although he cannot guarantee that the corn is free of windborne contamination, he does not plant GMO seed.  We are delighted to find someone we can work with who is independent of the giant middlemen who control such a huge share of the world food market.

We want to supply you with humanely-raised, top quality meat.  Check out our Meat CSA, find us at the Amherst or Greenfield Farmer’s Markets, or get our meats at Sutter Meats ,  River Valley Market, or All Things Local, or at fine area restaurants such as Bistro Les Gras.

35 Church Rd.
Huntington, MA 01050
April Weeks, Manager: (603) 831 1400
Ross & Alicia Hackerson, Owners: (413) 320 8860