Goat and Lamb

DSCN7516We started in goats because we are trying to bring woodland back into pasture, and goats eat trees.  We chose Kiko meat goats for their ability to take care of themselves, without supplemental grain except during late pregnancy and lactation, and for their resistance to disease, which helps our goal of raising animals without medications.  Cabrito is available through our CSA, at the Greenfield Farmer’s Market, and in bulk boxes.

You may also order whole animals.  Kidding season is in March; live whole animals can be bought for $200 anytime from May through August; finished whole animals in September and October are $250.   Contact us early if you are interested in a breeding buckling for your own flock.

Our flock of sheep is just getting started, so lambs for this coming season will be bought in as weaned feeder lambs from more established farmers.  Lamb is available through the CSA and by pre-order of whole animals only.  Whole, live lambs are $250; we can have them slaughtered for you for an additional $75.


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