Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a partnership between farmers and consumers.  Members of a Meat CSA buy a share of the farm’s meat produce, and the farmer delivers that share monthly to a distribution site near the shareholder’s home.

We raise and deliver premium quality meats from animals that are rotated on fresh pastures, fed grass or locally raised and milled, non-GMO, all natural grain, and never receive hormones or routine antibiotics.  Our prices reflect our true costs in bringing you excellence.

For the farmer, a CSA operation provides a balanced cash flow and certainty of market.  We ask for a six-month minimum commitment from our shareholders and offer different payment plans.  For the shareholder the CSA offers a quality product, naturally and humanely raised in a place they can visit –sort of their own farm.  Meat is set aside for you and offered at prices comparable to those you would pay by buying a whole animal, without the upfront costs and need for storage space that a whole animal would require.  You know exactly where your food comes from, and exactly what practices are used in raising it.

We are always willing to answer questions.  As a shareholder, you are welcome to come and visit Gray Dog’s Farm (as long as you call ahead and we are available at that time), pet the cows if they are nearby, and toss scraps to the pigs.

To see the breakdown of our share options, please click here.

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